hts_engine API

What is hts_engine API?

The hts_engine is software to synthesize speech waveform from HMMs trained by the HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS).
This software is released under the Modified BSD license.

Getting hts_engine API

hts_engine API version 1.10 (December 25, 2015)

The runtime HMM-based speech synthesis engine API and its applications.
- Documentation
- Reference Manual
- Source Code

Flite+hts_engine version 1.07 (December 25, 2016) NEW!

The English text-to-speech system "Flite+hts_engine" consists of Flite and hts_engine API.
- Documentation
- Source Code

HTS voice version 1.06 (December 25, 2016) NEW!

HTS voice for hts_engine API trained by using CMU ARCTIC database.
- Documentation
- Binary Package

Voice Demos

- Flite+hts_engine Demonstration Page
- Open JTalk Demonstration Page (Japanese)
- Sinsy Demonstration Page (Japanese/English)

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- HTK: Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Toolkit
- HTS: HMM-based Speech Synthesis System
- SPTK: Speech Signal Processing Toolkit
- Flite: Festival Lite
- Open JTalk: Japanese TTS system
- Sinsy: Singing voice synthesis system

The hts_engine SourceForge page contains all the releases, instructions for CVS access, discussion forum, bug tracker and other info.